A beautiful day!

ImageI thought I’d share some pictures of Sheldon & Veronica’s wedding day. It was a lovely day! We missed mom & daddy, but the day went very well! Image


A Tribute to Mom



Mom,  We miss you so much! We are also so very thankful for your godly example to us! We remember you everyday. You taught us so many things. I miss seeing you sitting on the chair in the morning, with your Bible in your lap. You did this every morning, and set a huge example for us! I miss the breakfast you made most mornings. I miss the way the work just disappeared. (It really is amazing how much moms do!!) I miss the way you encouraged us to be friends to everyone, and to not form cliques. I even sort of miss how cheery you were be in the morning.  So, thank-you Mom for being a WONDERFUL mom! I’m sure you are having the best Mother’s Day ever! We love you, Rosene, Paul & Verneda & Kiana, Anna Mary, Sheldon & Veronica, J.R., and Isaac


Thank-you to you all for caring about us and praying & supporting us! Our Father in Heaven definitely takes good care of His children! 

And to settle a few questions you all might have… Yes, we do plan to live here. We also are going to keep baking and cleaning other people’s houses. (and try to do our’s as well!) We are so thankful for all that our parents taught us! In the last year we have had to do all of the work here, with Mom instructing us. This year we shall see if we heeded the instructions 🙂 

Your continued prayers would be appreciated as we find a new normal. 


Viewing & Funeral Plans

Viewing: Friday, March 29, 2:00 – 4:00 pm & 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Funeral: Saturday March 29 @ 1:00 pm with a viewing from 12:00 – 1:00 pm


Our mother is finally pain free and with her Lord in glory!!! She passed away around 7:30 this morning…check back for updates on the viewing and funeral plans.


Mom had a decent day yesterday. A nurse came out to do her personal care. And she got lots of company. She did sleep most of the time that people were here. After everyone left, she woke up and was hungry 🙂 We fed her soup twice and she also had some of a smoothie. We do give her morphine every 4 hours and more often if she seems uncomfortable or is breathing hard. Anna Mary and I bathed her this morning. She didn’t ouch too badly, but it does hurt her when we roll her around. 

Thank you all so much for your prayers! We can feel them! Jesus does take such good care of us! ~Rosene


Mom hasn’t been having the best of days. Today she was only out of bed to eat breakfast, and that was difficult for her. She had smoothies for breakfast and lunch, then tonight had some baked beans, and was able to swallow them ok. Hospice was out today, and they plan to keep coming daily for a while, to make sure that she is comfortable. She moans and cries a lot. It’s difficult to know if she is in pain or just uncomfortable. We do give her morphine now, and that seems to help some.

Pray especially that she would be able to rest comfortably and that Jesus would fill her heart with peace & joy about going to Heaven!