doc visit

Today Mom went to the neurosurgeon for an evaluation. He looked at her ct scan and definitively wants to do surgery as soon as possible. She did a bunch of other tests and also went for a mri today. She now has an appointment on Monday again. That is when we will find out when her surgery will be.

Daddy continues to hold his own. It is hard on him not to be able to go with Mom to her appointments and feels rather helpless with her situation. He is still weak and doesn’t get around  very much.

Your continued prayers are appreciated.

-the Petersheims


5 responses to “doc visit

  1. John and Barb, Praying for much wisdom for you and the Dr. in decisions that need to be made. Eli and Naomi

  2. Thanks for the update! Praying you’ll experience peace as you wait… I hope you girls have a fun weekend! I’m wishing I could be there. 🙂

  3. we are praying for you. May you feel God’s arms embracing you as He carries you through. Love, Elvin , Verna and family

  4. if i can ever help with a dr visit let me know.Hope you all have a blessed day!

  5. we continue to lift you before His throne and know that He is caring you in His loving embrace…Praying,Steve and Ruth

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