Twas a good weekend.  Kevin and Krystal Smucker came yesterday and then left today. He would be Daddy’s nephew. They took care of Mom and Daddy last night and today, while us girls went to Youth Camp. (we had an enjoyable time there!) Mom went with Matt & Jewel to church, while Kevin’s stayed home with Daddy. Mom does not feel sick. She also has more feeling and movement in her right arm. PTL! Daddy has a bit more pain today.

Also pray for my Mommy and Dawdy Petersheim, they both went to the hosptal this afternoon. Dawdy -‘cuz he was having trouble breathing. Mommy -‘cuz her bloodpressure was so high.

Thank-you for caring~


5 responses to “Sunday

  1. My name is Linda Weaver, and I am a friend of your Aunt Sue’s family in TN. Our little church family prays corporately for you every Sunday morning, and individually through the week. Thank-you so much for opening this blog to keep all of us updated. Lifting you up to the Father today especially.

  2. hope the grandpas are better and home again.PTL that mom has more feeling.I am glad you girls could go with the youth Rhoda

  3. That’s so nice your cousins came to assist you and ‘fill in’ so that you could go to Camp. PTL your mom is feeling some better. Sorry to hear this about your grandparents…you’re in my prayers!

  4. I was so glad to see you today , Barb. Your spirit of gratitude blesses me.

  5. Loncho and Pauline

    Know we are praying for you in El Salvador. Words don’t seem to do justice to what we feel and would like to convey to you. We plead with God to be close to you all–each of you.

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