Paul and I took J.R. in to see Mom this morning before he leaves to go hunting this weekend. They had just brought her back from her MRI so she was really tired. We did get to talk to her a little bit though. Her nurse said the doctor looked at the MRI already and things look good there. They were able to take her main A line out and also her catheter. They are hoping that she will be able to move her to a regular room this afternoon. Some of us plan to go in the afternoon to check up on her again.

Daddy is still really weak today. He is sleeping a lot, but was able to eat a good lunch.

A few prayer requests-

*for Mom- that her speech would come back clearly. She is able to talk, but it is hard for her to get her words out. This is really frustrating for her. And also, that her healing would continue to head in the right direction.

*for Daddy- that God would continue to give him strength and comfort. He told me this morning that Mom just feels so far away. He is really ready to have her home again. Also pray that he could rest comfortably, he was having quite a bit of pain this morning.

*the doctor- for wisdom as they continue to research Mom’s tumor.

PTL for-

*Mom’s good start to recovery

*for God’s endless grace and peace to us.

*for all of you that are praying for us.

Continue praying for us. We cannot thank you enough for your support and help to us during this time.


7 responses to “Friday

  1. You all have been in our thoughts so much! We’re praying for all of you- not just your mom and dad but for you children too as you have more responsibility than ever.

  2. All of you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. I stopped in with your mom a little bit today around lunch time. I prayed with her but didn’t stay long – it was too soon after surgery to really visit. She had been sleeping when I got there so I sat with her a little, then a nurse came to check her vitals and woke her.

    God is teaching me some things about TRUST – we don’t need to trust if life’s circumstances make sense. God is good and He is in control.

  3. Esther Stoltzfus

    So glad to hear moms on her way to recovery! Fannie Fisher and I stopped in today and mom was sleeping so we just left a note. We are praying for your family! We love you!

  4. Thank You for your updates ! It sure helps 2 keep us in touch !! Hoping to visit one of these days.. but want to give your Mom some time to recover !! Glad to hear good reports and will continue to pray for recovery 4 your Mom; Grace for all of you !! Really do care !! Ruthie

  5. Mark & Marian King

    Just want you to know you are in our thoughts and prayers often. We really appreciate the updates. May God continue to fill your lives with much grace and peace. Mark & Marian King (mom’s cousin)

  6. Your parents have amazing children! It’s beautiful that they can rely on your love, faith, and strength. I’m praying for all of you!

  7. Love you guys…prayers

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