I talked to Mom’s nurse this morning, she had a pretty good night. She did get some midnight visitors 🙂 and was awake enough to say Hi to them! (visitors being the friday night ambulance crew!) Last evening when I was there, she was pretty uncomfortable. They put a catheter back in, and that helped so much. She was able to relax and sleep for a while then.  She has some swelling on her brain, and that is making it difficult to speak. You can tell that she is thinking something, but just cannot get it out. Her nurse said that improved somewhat overnight, but now is back to how it was last evening. She will not be coming home today, as previously hoped.


3 responses to “Saturday

  1. Cheryl Stoltzfus

    You are in our prayers. Thanks so much for updating -I keep checking it to know how I can pray. I hope and pray your mom heals enough to come home soon. I’m praying that you feel God’s peace and presence today.

  2. Jewel Stoltzfus

    Praying that you will feel God’s arms around you today! Much love, Jewel

  3. Doug and Rosene Kurtz

    Your ALL in our thoughts and prayers!

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