A few of us were in this morning to see Mom. When we got there the nurses were helping her with her bath in preparation to move her to a regular room. She was happy to see us come this morning and seemed so much more like herself. Her speech is coming back very well, which she (and us) are very grateful about. The swelling has gone down some too. PTL. The doctor thinks she will be able to come home on Tuesday. He would like her to stay in until then so she can get more rest. She is ready to come home to her husband and family, but she knows that will be good for her healing process. She said people are welcome for short visits. The visiting hours at the hospital are 1:00 pm-8:00 pm.

Please continue to pray for Daddy. He really misses Mom and has been getting a lot weaker. He sleeps a lot of the time. Reubs went home today, we will miss them!


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