Daddy slept a good part of the day. He did eat breakfast and lunch, but no supper.

Mom is feeling pretty tired today. She enjoys short visits.

Mom & Daddy enjoyed being taken care of by nurses :)) Jon and Melanie Fisher were here for about 24 hours. And tonight Kevin & Krystal are coming and staying until Sunday.

Thanks for caring and praying!


One response to “Friday

  1. We prayed for all of you @ church on sunday& thinking of you all today.Praying for his healing touch.please also pray for Tori a 6yr old that is in our church , she has a brain tumor. The Lord stopped it from growing when is was 1 & has treatment for it on & off. The doctors didn”t give her much time when she was born but they r doctors not God . she is a little happy kid who loves God & the people around her! So we pray for him to do his awesome healing for all of you.Love & prayers Sheila,Jeff&Ben

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