In Loving Memory

             I’m a Winner Either Way


A loved one knew he’d reached the end of life’s journey

But he’d been holding to God’s hand a long, long time

And as I knelt beside his bed

My heart was thrilled at what he said

If I go or if I stay the victory’s mine



I’m a winner either way if I go or if I stay

For I’ll still have my Jesus each passing day

I’ll have my healing here below or life forever if I go

Oh praise the Lord I’m a winner either way


None of us really know about tomorrow

We must prepare to go to Heaven any day

But while we’re here let’s trust the Lord

He’ll lead us safe to our reward

And by his grace we’ll be a winner either way

This song really says it all! We miss you Daddy, but we are glad that you are with Jesus! And free from all pain and suffering!

Daddy loved children. He always had a basket of candy on his bedside table, and they of course knew that :).. This picture was taken in the past month or so.

Thank-you so much to all of you who have helped our family! We feel the love of GOD through His people. Blessings!


One response to “In Loving Memory

  1. that is awesome … and wow it’s a really good picture He looks so happy and kind… and his eyes have a sparkle in them… It seems you can never have to many pictures they become some of your biggest treasures..

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