Chemo: Round 2

Mom started her 2nd round of chemo last night. Once again she spent most of the night out on the couch, not feeling so good. She was able to sleep most of today then. Another unpleasant side affect, is having little to no appetite. She did manage to get her juices down, and a few veggies before deciding that she really is not hungry. A good part of this round is that she gets to take one less pill! (four instead of five) Another good part of the day was a visit from a dear friend. 🙂

Her faith and good attitudes continue to inspire me! Too often I find myself complaining about little aches and pains, when Mom rarely complains about anything.

-May God bless your day! Thank-you for caring about us!


2 responses to “Chemo: Round 2

  1. Mark & Priscilla

    praying for her and the family

  2. Renita Smucker

    press on girls!aunt sue

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