A gift from GOD!

Mom had an MRI done on Monday, and now today met with her doctor. The report is that the mass is getting smaller! Mom is quite excited about not having to do surgery! Join us in praising HIM, that one that cares deeply about us! 


9 responses to “A gift from GOD!

  1. Praise the Lord! This is good news 🙂 I look forward to seeing you, Barb, and the rest of your family real soon! Love you all! -Rhonda

  2. Lydia & Vince

    Thank you Jesus! We’re rejoicing with you!

  3. awesome!!!

  4. rhoda nissley

    that is a blessing!

  5. Our God is Greater.. Our God is Stronger..Our God is Higher than any other…Let’s give him extra Praise today!!!

  6. So glad to hear this good news.

  7. That is wonderful news!

  8. We are Praising the Lord our God for this mighty act of healing !! We serve a awesome God ! Love & Prayer!!,

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