A scare!

Last evening us girls were here at home with mom. We had eaten supper, Anna Mary was doing dishes, and Veronica and I were getting ready to go to tent meetings. Mom had eaten and showered, and was putting on her sandals in preparation to go to tent meetings as well. Anna Mary heard a weird noise, she looked over, and Mom is in a full body-shaking seizure. Now we are all EMT’s, but it still freaked us out. I called 911, and we took her to the ER. The seizure lasted for maybe a minute or so, but it took close to 10 minutes until she was aware of what was going on. 

Once we got to the ER, she was feeling like herself again. We requested that they not do tests, since we know what is going on. To be honest, I am not surprised that she had a seizure! (that is common with a brain tumor) So they put her on a stronger dose of the seizure med that she is already taking. They also gave her Adavan, which relaxed her, and made her sleep good all night! We were home by 8pm.

This morning, Mom feels ok. Her right side is quite a bit weaker then it had been before the seizure.  I slept down on the couch to help her as needed throughout the night. She did dress herself this morning, and is walking without assistance. 

Thank-you for the prayers! -Rosene


4 responses to “A scare!

  1. Oh gracious.

  2. Wow, your mom is lucky to have such capable kids. She’s in good hands!

  3. wow! glad you were there!! Praying for you as you launch into surgery and recovery!

  4. Prayers on your behalf!

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