We just came ba…

We just came back from seeing Mom. She is in the Critical Care Unit and seems to be recovering well. She had a smile for us when she saw us and was able to communicate with “yes” and “no”. She is able to move her right foot, but she is very limited in her right arm. 

Dr. Lim was in to talk to us about the surgery. He was able to remove the center of the tumor. He described the tumor as being wispy on the edges. He wasn’t able to get all of the “ends” because of it being intertwined with brain tissue. If they would have taken all of the “ends” it would be permanent damage to her speech and arm/leg movement. Only time will tell how much of her speech and arm movement will come back. 

Thank-you for caring and praying! 


4 responses to “We just came ba…

  1. Gina Stoltzfus

    Thanks for the update! My thoughts and prayers have been with you so much today. I’m so glad to hear she had a smile for you and is able to communicate.

    God bless you and keep you in His care!

  2. Thanks for the update! You have been on my mind A LOT! Lifting you up in prayer. May you feel God’s arms wrapped around you as you walk thru this difficult journey. Sending you all a big Hug!! Love Rosene Kurtz

  3. Barbara Fisher

    I have been following your blog and praying for your mom. Many prayers to come!

    Barb Fisher (ex-bakery)

  4. My thoughts and prayers have been and will be with you guys!

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