We are coming HOME!!!!

The doctor was in to see Mom a bit ago and said she can go home! That made her smile (and all of us too). 🙂 So now it’s waiting and more waiting until the discharge papers are ready. But hey, at least we are going home. 

The doctor is happy with her progress since surgery. Mom is still weak on the right side, it will take awhile for her strength to be built up again. Her speech is back to what it was before surgery. We are hoping with time more of it will come back. 

A few prayer requests-

*that Mom’s speech and strength would come back

*the trip home would go well

*that adjusting back into “normal” life would go smoothly. 

Thank-you for praying! 


3 responses to “We are coming HOME!!!!

  1. so good to hear that news! Will keep those things in mind and pray for ya’ll as i think of it! You have been on my mind alot and i pray things continue to get better! =)

  2. Yay!! And thanks for the specific prayer requests too.

  3. such good News !! Thanks for the prayer requests !!

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