“I am perpetually with you. Taking care of you. That is the most important fact of your existence.” ~Sarah Young.

We are thankful that Jesus cares so much about us…every moment of every day! Praise Him! Mom continues to be about the same. So people ask “What is the ‘same’? Let me explain. She does most of her personal care, at times she needs assistance getting out of bed or off of the toilet ect. She is unable to express her feelings in words, but has gotten quite expressive in other ways 🙂 We are thankful for the ability to make! She goes to therapy 2 days a week, and also goes to the chiropractor 3 days a week. We have seen improvement in her strength, but now it stays about the same. Speech is coming..slowly. She is able to say words on command, especially if we sound out the first letter. Every now and again an entire sentence will come popping out, and that always causes great rejoicing! She loves to get out, and has been going to church regularly. And to visit her friend Esther, who now is laid up for a bit.

Another thing.. Mom’s 50th Birthday is coming up on Sunday. Just thought I’d let you all know about that. She does love to get to mail! (Just a hint!)

Have a blessed day!


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  1. May I have your Mom’s address? –

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