One Year

It’s so hard to believe that it is one year since Daddy went to Heaven. To say the least, I am pretty jealous that he gets to be there 🙂 We all miss him, and are looking forward to joining him some glorious day!

Thank-you to those of you who made our day lovely! You ladies who had a tea party for Mom, that was the perfect idea. She has been smiling broadly for the rest of the afternoon. The flowers and coffee deliveries were wonderful as well (thanks to Fisher’s Cafe :)) We feel loved, to say the least! So thank-you for being the hands and feet of Jesus! Have a blessed day! 


3 responses to “One Year

  1. Thinking of you today. Much Love.

  2. i thought of you all today! that will be a wonderful day 🙂 love you all!- Rhonda

  3. Been thinking of you all this week! May you daily find the grace to keep on keeping on and one of these days we’ll be joining him!!!!

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