Doctor’s Visit 2.6.2013

We met with Dr. Grossman today for him to look at the MRI and discuss the results. There is quite a bit of swelling on the brain. Therefore, she has been throwing up, and sleeping a lot. The immediate plan is to put the steriods up to 24 mg a day (she’s been on 4mg a day lately) That should decrease the swelling, and hopefully that will stop the vomiting and sleepiness. On Monday they’ll discuss her case with a board of doctors, and then let us know what they recommend that we do as far as treatment plans. 

So if you see a great improvement in Mom in the next week, you can say thanks to the steriods 🙂 The benefits are great….and the side affects, well, not so great. (if you see sleepy daughters…that’s cuz the steriods are working 🙂 Another note: J.R. got his license!! He walks around with a big smile 😛

Blessings on your day, and thanks for you interest in ours. 


One response to “Doctor’s Visit 2.6.2013

  1. Praying that Barb will feel better and for strength and wisdom for the caregivers….Congrats to J.R….Look out to the rest of us, jk;);) May your day be Blessed today…luv yas, Roseanne

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