On Thursday we went to Johns Hopkins again. They wanted her to try a clinical trial MRI. It’s something new and experimental, and supposed to help them figure out if the mass in her brain is scar tissue or a growing tumor. We also met with Dr. Lim who is her neuro surgeon. We discussed pros and cons of surgery if we decide to go that route again. It would not bring back her speech or her strength on her right side, but if we do nothing, and it is a tumor, her health will deteriorate. Please pray for us as we make decisions. We should get the MRI results sometime next week.

Picture #1 Mom and I in Baltimore. Was a cold, windy day..

Picture #2 Isaac giving Mom the royal treatment (We like to call her Queen Bee 🙂



4 responses to “2.22.2013

  1. rosene, thanks so much for the update and pictures! It’s great to see you all again, and I’ll pray for you as you make this decision. Love you! -Rhonda

  2. aunt sue n uncle reub

    guess ya’ll know,if mom’s the queen bee you are the worker bees an awesome crew you are!!!keep up the good work!praying as you make decisions

  3. You all have been on my mind lots! Will pray for wisdom as you make important decisions. Much Love and many hugs, Rosene

  4. Oh, And Thanks for the Pictures!!!!! Blessings!

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