Kiana, You Are Loved!


Getting loved on by Uncle J.R.


Mom & Kiana with their matching hats. 


Shrieking during her very 1st bath (much to her papa’s delight 🙂


  The Happy Family! 


15 responses to “Kiana, You Are Loved!

  1. aunt sue n uncle reub


  2. Oh my goodness these pictures are so precious!

  3. Congratulations! She is beautiful. So happy for you all.

  4. so happy for you all! beautiful, beautiful baby 🙂 Thanks again for the pictures

  5. So precious! Love the matching hats. 🙂

  6. She is adorable! Congratulations!

  7. She has got to be THE cutest baby EVER!! i cant wait to meet her!:)

  8. Rhoda Nissley

    beautiful!The pic of your mom and Kiana is precious!

  9. She is adorable! Enjoyed the pictures. Nice one of Grandma!

  10. she is soo cute! Love her dark hair! Blessings! Tanya

  11. She is a perfect little sweetheart! So adorable.

  12. Esther stoltzfus

    Thanks for the pictures! She is adorable! I LOVE the matching hats! Congratulations!

  13. Thanks so much for the pictures!! Barb you are beaming and can see you are very excited to be grandma!!! Great Picture!!! Rosene are you pinching her? ….just kidding,,,,I am sure you will be a wonderful Auntie!!! Great Family pic! Blessings to you both and you raise her to follow the Lord!! What a true gift from God! Thanks Again!!

  14. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you all…the parents and the proud auntie! She’s adorable! Ellysa had to crawl up on the desk to look at her bette! Would love to see her for real!!!

  15. Babies are a such a Great way to start people!!! She is so Sweet…and when she needs rescued from all her crazy aunts…then i’ll come rescue her!!!!

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