A Tribute to Mom



Mom,  We miss you so much! We are also so very thankful for your godly example to us! We remember you everyday. You taught us so many things. I miss seeing you sitting on the chair in the morning, with your Bible in your lap. You did this every morning, and set a huge example for us! I miss the breakfast you made most mornings. I miss the way the work just disappeared. (It really is amazing how much moms do!!) I miss the way you encouraged us to be friends to everyone, and to not form cliques. I even sort of miss how cheery you were be in the morning.  So, thank-you Mom for being a WONDERFUL mom! I’m sure you are having the best Mother’s Day ever! We love you, Rosene, Paul & Verneda & Kiana, Anna Mary, Sheldon & Veronica, J.R., and Isaac


One response to “A Tribute to Mom

  1. I miss your mom too! She sure raised some amazing children.

    Your ” even sort of miss how cheery you were in the morning” comment made me laugh. 🙂

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