We went on an outing today…to the greenhouse to get all kinds of tiny plants!! Mom went along and enjoyed it for the most part. It got kind of long, and she was more then ready to have a nap when we got back. 

She has not been doing so well. Most days it takes 2 of us to get her up and dressed and so on. We decided to now get hospice involved. They were out today. It was the same nurse that we had for Daddy. So we know she is a really good nurse! I think they will be able to help us keep Mom more comfortable. She gets sore and often doesn’t sleep well at night. Do continue to pray for us! It’s not easy making decisions for your parents healthcare! 


7 responses to “3.22.2013

  1. dutchjam@netzero.com

    I find myself without words as I consider what courage it must surely take for you to face all of this.We will definitely be praying for all of you….

  2. Hospice has wonderful people working for them…Still pray for you every time I go by your house, Praying God will Bless you with much wisdom and discretion as you make decisions every day. Hugs…Roseanne

  3. We are praying for you and just wanted you to know. I have admired your Mom’s zeal for life and can only imagine the heartache of seeing her losses so compounded these days. I just know how hard it is for all of you, and also that life still goes on and you all find reasons to live well in the moment.

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  4. Cheryl Stoltzfus

    We will keep you in our prayers. I think your decision to involve hospice is a good idea- they offer a lot of support. I trust God will surround you all with his unfailing love and presence during this time.

  5. Karen Johnston

    praying for you all….HUGS….Love Karen

  6. Think of you all and pray for you often.

  7. We are praying often !! Glad you have made the decision to have hospice assist in her care !! God is definitely surrounding you and holding you in His everlasting arms of Love….this is a very difficult journey for you….Praying for wisdom and strength for you children as you make medical decisions for your dear Mother !! Love & hugs from us ~ Ruthie & family

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