Thank-you to you all for caring about us and praying & supporting us! Our Father in Heaven definitely takes good care of His children! 

And to settle a few questions you all might have… Yes, we do plan to live here. We also are going to keep baking and cleaning other people’s houses. (and try to do our’s as well!) We are so thankful for all that our parents taught us! In the last year we have had to do all of the work here, with Mom instructing us. This year we shall see if we heeded the instructions 🙂 

Your continued prayers would be appreciated as we find a new normal. 



5 responses to “Thank-you

  1. thanks for the update! I will keep praying! Tanya

  2. Ya’ll are in my prayers!! Love you guys. – Rhonda

  3. We are praying for you and are blessed to see you rise to the challenge life has given you. Your parents would be proud of you (somehow I think they must be able to see you and take joy in how you are pulling together).

    God bless you and give you peace —

  4. Hello, my name is Angela and I have been following your journey since November of 2011. You see, my husband and I were out visiting his mother who had Ovarian cancer in Philadelphia and we decided one day to take a trip out to Lancaster. We went into this gift shop and started talking to the owners who had mentioned your family for prayer. When she mentioned what your mother had my heart was torn in two. My Mother had just died a month before from the exact same condition… Gleoblastoma on October 3rd, 2011. She only lived a week after going into the hospital with the exact same symptoms your mom had. We are believers in Jesus Christ and we know we will see her again…. Just like we know this with your Mom. My husband and I had been following your blog ad praying for your mother and your family. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you are going through! Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is our greatest comfort! I miss my Mom everyday but thanks be to God I will see her again! You are all in our continued prayers. May God bless you and your family and may you feel His loving arms around you during this difficult time. Your brother and sister in Christ. Dave and Angie

  5. You all bless me by your life so many times! Rosene, it was fun to have you here the other nite! You are a special person and I love that we can connect even tho I’m older than your folks were. 🙂 And JR, you sounded and acted so much like your dad when I stopped in the other nite and you hollared at me to park on the hill! It was almost like de ja vue! Annie, I have always loved your “spunkiness”. I love third borns, but you are in reality the fourth born, but sure have third born traits! Verneda, you and Paul are so special too even tho I hardly ever hang out with you. I still feel very comfortable to stop in whenever. Veronica, I don’t know you quite as well but you are special to my niece so that makes you special to me too. Blessings as you and Sheldon plan for your life together! I’m so happy for you! Isaac, you are the one I know the least but I know Brian always liked hanging out with you. May you find that God is always with you no matter what! God Bless each of you and hold you close when the “going gets tough!”

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